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Node Protocol Database Release Date Release Notes GitHub Links
23.3 18 21 2022-06-13 V23.3 Release - Changelog

Upgrade notices

There are no special considerations when upgrading from V22.X or V23.X to V23.3. There are no database upgrades or API changes.


  • Correctly check for the magic bytes and the network in the message header
  • Remove a debug assert that crashes the node on receipt of zero node ID
  • Improve the vote processor class and limit its flush operation, so it does not block for too long
  • Disable migrating of unchecked table from LMDB to RocksDB as this upgrade is not really needed
  • Convert functions on unchecked_map class that return iterators to use for_each with a functor to execute on each result
  • Reimplement nano::unchecked_store::get in terms of unchecked_store::for_each and remove backend-specific variants
  • Add a memory container for blocks once the initial bootstrap threshold is reached having the blocks pruned in FIFO order
  • Vote hinting re-enabled
  • Fix nano::json_handler::unchecked_get which did not get translated properly with the for_each conversion
  • Merge identical code branches for convenience at nano::unchecked_store_partial::put
  • Change the unchecked blocks to be put in to a memory container instead of disk when the initial bootstrap threshold is reached having the blocks removed from the container in FIFO order once the maximum of 256,000 blocks are reached
  • Change the active_transactions::cleanup_election to use shared pointer instead of an object reference

Builds and commands

OS Download link/command Verification
Universal Linux SHA256 Checksum
Debian SHA256 Checksum
macOS SHA256 Checksum
Windows (exe) SHA256 Checksum
Windows (zip) SHA256 Checksum
Docker docker pull nanocurrency/nano:V23.3
See Pulling the Docker Image for more details.
RHEL/CentOS rpm SHA256 Checksum