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Node Protocol Database Release Date Release Notes GitHub Links
23.1 18 21 2022-05-19 V23.1 Release - Milestone - Changelog

Upgrade notices

There are no special considerations when upgrading from V22.X or V23.0 to V23.1. There are no database upgrades or API changes.


  • Remove a message that is always logged during block processing that could be abused to fill log files
  • Clean up the node_id_handshake message handler which in some circumstances can fill memory
  • Bound the unchecked table size to ensure it cannot be abused to use up all available disk space
  • Limit entries into the unchecked table to two items per dependency
  • Add persistent node IDs to provide a method for removing spoof telemetry messages
  • Default to turn off inactive votes cache to avoid excessive vote relaying
  • Disable a vote processor flushing in the request loop which can block during heavy load

Builds and commands

OS Download link/command Verification
Universal Linux SHA256 Checksum
Debian SHA256 Checksum
macOS SHA256 Checksum
Windows (exe) SHA256 Checksum
Windows (zip) SHA256 Checksum
Docker docker pull nanocurrency/nano:V23.3
See Pulling the Docker Image for more details.
RHEL/CentOS rpm SHA256 Checksum