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Node Protocol Database Release Date Release Notes GitHub Links
22.1 18 21 2021-06-11 V22.1 Release - Milestone - Changelog

Upgrade notices

There are no special considerations when upgrading from V22.0 to V22.1. There are no database upgrades or API changes.

Major updates

  • Fixes an issue where UPnP leases might be lost and port mappings might cease
  • Fixes an issue where manually started or hinted elections would be quickly removed from the election scheduler
  • Fixes an issue where new connections might not be able to be accepted
  • Doubles the length of the connection backlog

Developer/debug options

  • Elections dropped due to timeout/overflow have been separated in node statistics.

Builds and commands

OS Download link/command Verification
Universal Linux SHA256 Checksum
Debian SHA256 Checksum
macOS SHA256 Checksum
Windows (exe) SHA256 Checksum
Windows (zip) SHA256 Checksum
Docker docker pull nanocurrency/nano:V23.3
See Pulling the Docker Image for more details.
RHEL/CentOS rpm SHA256 Checksum