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Command Line Interface

--account_create --wallet=<wallet>

Insert next deterministic key in to <wallet>

--account_get --key=<key>

Get account number for the <key>

--account_key --account=<account>

Get the public key for <account>


Remove all send IDs from the database (dangerous: not intended for production use)


version 19.0+ Sets the confirmation heights of all accounts to 0 (use --account to only reset a single account).


Start node daemon


Use the supplied <path> as the data directory


Display the number of accounts


Display the number of blocks


Generate bootstrap sequence of blocks


version 19.0+ Display the number of cemented blocks (blocks which are under the confirmation height of their accounts)


List online weights table and current online_weights value


List representatives and weights


Generates fake debug activity


Profile simulated bootstrap process


Profile work generation


Profile work verification


Profile vote verification


Profile kdf function


Validate blocks in the ledger


Profile signature verification


Profile signature generation


[Disabled] Profile xorshift algorithms

--debug_opencl --platform=<platform> --device=<device> --threads=<threads>

[Draft] Profile OpenCL work generation for <device> on <platform> using <threads> count. To retrieve available platforms & devices run --diagnostics


Delete the node ID in the database


Run internal diagnostics


Print out options


Generates a adhoc random keypair and prints it to stdout

--key_expand --key=<key>

Derive public key and account number from <key>


Clear record history for long term online weight trending


Clear cached peers


Compact database and create snapshot, functions similar to vacuum but does not replace the existing database. Optional --unchecked_clear, --delete_node_id, --clear_send_ids, --online_weight_clear, --peer_clear Optional --confirmation_height_clear in version 19.0+


Clear unchecked blocks


Compact database. If data_path is missing, the database in data directory is compacted. Optional --unchecked_clear, --delete_node_id, --clear_send_ids, --online_weight_clear, --peer_clear


Prints out version


Dump most recent votes from representatives

--wallet_add_adhoc --wallet=<wallet> --key=<key>

Insert <key> in to <wallet>

--wallet_create --key=<key> --password=<password>

Creates a new wallet with optional <key> (seed) and optional <password>, and prints the ID

--wallet_change_seed --wallet=<wallet> --key=<key>

Changes seed for <wallet> to <key>

--wallet_decrypt_unsafe --wallet=<wallet> --password=<password>

Decrypts <wallet> using <password>
If you didn't set password yet, use --wallet_decrypt_unsafe --wallet=<wallet>

--wallet_destroy --wallet=<wallet>

Destroys <wallet> and all keys it contains

--wallet_import --file=<filepath> --wallet=<wallet> --password=<password>

Imports keys in <filepath> using <password> in to <wallet>


Dumps wallet IDs and public keys

--wallet_remove --wallet=<wallet> --account=<account>

Remove <account> from <wallet>

--wallet_representative_get --wallet=<wallet>

Prints default representative for <wallet>

--wallet_representative_set --wallet=<wallet> --account=<account>

Set <account> as default representative for <wallet>

Launch options

When initially starting the nano_node or nano_wallet as a service the following launch options are available.

NOTE: These options are only for developer use so please understand the impacts before use.


Turn off automatic wallet backup process


Turn off use of lazy bootstrap


Turn off use of legacy bootstrap


Turn off use of wallet-based bootstrap


Turn off listener on the bootstrap network so incoming TCP (bootstrap) connections are rejected. Note: this does not impact TCP traffic for the live network.


version 19.0+ Turn off use of UDP live network


Prevent periodic cleaning of unchecked table


Prevent drop of all unchecked entries at node/wallet start


Increase bootstrap processor limits to allow more blocks before hitting full state and verify/write more per database call. Also disable deletion of processed unchecked blocks