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Node Protocol Database Release Date Release Notes GitHub Links
23.0 18 21 2022-01-17 V23.0 Release - Milestone - Changelog

Upgrade notices

There are no upgrade impacts to be considered with V23.0. However all exchanges, services and integrations are encouraged to test their implementations on the test network (excluding load testing).

Major updates

Refactoring and cleanup

Many of the more than 150 pull requests closed for this release were part of efforts to refactor and cleanup many areas of the code. These updates are helping provide a foundation for better improvements in subsequent releases. More details can be found in the V23.0 Follis — Development Update.

Unit tests and bug fixes

Another focus area was improving and cleaning up the unit tests, along with various minor bugs and fixes. Test runs are now more consistent and reliable with V23, and will continue to be improved on in the coming releases.

Naming conventions

Recent updates to naming conventions are noteworthy:

Receivable instead of pending

After community discussions, a change from the term pending to receivable/ready to be received and similar was decided on and partially implemented in V23.0. These changes can be seen in various areas of the node wallet as well as across many RPC calls.

There are no breaking changes with this update, but switching to receivable terms is advised.

To keep backwards compatibility:

  • The pending RPC call name is deprecated in favor of receivable (additional RPC call name changes to be completed in the next release)
  • All RPC responses containing a key of pending still include the key as deprecated, and an additional receivable key with the same value was added as the preferred option
  • Any RPC examples in the documentation have been updated to favor receivable

The aim of this change is to help reduce the confusion around send blocks that are confirmed, but a matching receive block has not yet been published for them. See RPC updates below for a list of impacted RPC calls.

Unit name simplifications

Updates to simplify the unit names used within the node wallet and unit conversion RPCs were completed. This means previous unit conversion RPCs are now deprecated (see Deprecations/removals below) and the wallet uses the only remaining standard units of raw (10^0) and nano (10^30).

RPC updates

  • account_history RPC now includes whether the block was confirmed in the response, allowing more efficient confirmation validation in some cases.
  • NEW accounts_representatives RPC allows requesting representatives from multiple accounts in a single call.
  • block_info and blocks_info RPCs now include the successor block hash in responses for easier ledger walking.
  • delegators now allows for optional parameters count (to limit number of returned accounts), threshold (to require a minimum balance for returned delegators) and start (to allow paging by providing account to start after).
  • wallet_info RPC return includes count of all blocks and confirmed blocks from all accounts in the given wallet.

Pending/Receivable term RPC updates

There are various changes related to the switch from pending to receivable in RPC calls as noted above. Although all changes are backwards compatible, switching to the term receivable in these cases is advised.

There are two main types of changes: RPC call name changes and updates to keys in the call requests and responses.

RPC call name changes

Response/request key changes only

There are no breaking changes with this update, but switching to receivable terms is advised.

WebSocket updates

Support added for wss:// to allow secure WebSocket connections alongside existing TLS support for RPC. Further details and documentation is pending, with initial pull request available here:

Developer/debug options


  • Most unit conversion RPCs were deprecated, including krai_from_raw, krai_to_raw, mrai_from_raw, mrai_to_raw, rai_from_raw, rai_to_raw

Builds and commands

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Docker docker pull nanocurrency/nano:V23.3
See Pulling the Docker Image for more details.
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