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Nano's mission is to become a global currency built on a secure, decentralized network.

This roadmap document represents the current areas that are being pursued by the Nano Foundation in the interest of achieving this vision.


Global Markets


  • CycleBit Launched (Dec. 23rd 2019)

  • DigiFinex Launched (Dec. 23rd 2019)

  • ShareRing Launched (Dec. 6th 2019)

  • Coinify Launched (Dec. 2nd 2019)

  • Kraken Launched (Nov. 6th 2019)

  • Binance US Launched (Nov. 20th 2019)

  • Changelly Launched (Nov. 13th 2019)

  • Probit Launched (Nov. 4th 2019)

  • MetalPay Launched (Sept. 10th 2019)

  • Uphold Launched (Aug. 29th 2019)

  • Launched (Aug. 27th 2019)

  • CoinGate Launched (Dec. 20th 2018)

  • Huobi Launched (Oct. 31st 2018)

  • Bitinka Launched (Jul. 10th 2018)

  • Binance Launched (Feb. 2nd 2018)

  • OKEx Launched (Feb. 1st 2018)

  • KuCoin Launched (Jan. 5th 2018)

  • Recruiting community managers to work alongside the core team to use social media platforms to provide users information about Nano

  • Website redesign and whitepaper updates followed by translations


Nano has seen impressive levels of adoption across every market that has been targeted. Significant opportunity remains as these markets only represent a small fraction of Nano's target demographic. Nano's marketing efforts will expand with a focus towards global markets.

By concentrating on building out Asian and South American-focused communities and information hubs, the ground floor for additional marketing can be set. Once completed, increased exposure can be gained through merchant adoption as well as marketing. Additionally, the team will continue to contact and engage with exchanges around the world about listing Nano.


  • Global markets are currently limited. A presence in every geographical region is a low-hanging fruit for increased adoption

  • Community Meetups and Hackathons

    • Throw our own and enable the community to host Nano meetups and hackathons
  • Region-centric communities and community managers

  • Provide a resource for non-English speakers to research and communicate about Nano

Merchant Services


  • Merchants have already begun to accept Nano with a variety of exciting solutions available

  • A horizontally scalable cloud infrastructure for merchants, exchanges, and financial service providers enters initial infrastructure prototype review


Nano will continue to work with leading cloud-providers, industry leaders, and top developer talent to deploy the technologies that will allow the Nano Currency to achieve its mission.

Vendors, exchanges, and other Nano service providers will benefit from turn-key, "plug & pay", horizontally scalable cloud network infrastructure. Nano has brought in some of the best developers in the industry to spearhead and deploy solutions.


  • Vendors will benefit from having instantly useable & scalable architecture to handle any needs they may have

  • Vendors running full-time nodes will act as Representatives, serving as a vehicle to further decentralize the Nano Network

  • Professional support & services may be provided to merchants to make deployment simple and painless

  • Exchanges will also benefit and will be able to utilize these services as a completely scalable backend solution


  • Nano must be able to adapt to any vendor need and use-case. Flexible solutions which are truly "plug & pay" must be available and reliable.

  • Merchants must feel safe using Nano as a currency and believe in the reliability of the network and infrastructure

  • Merchants must have a line of support to aid them in the safe implementation of a system & network that will work for them

  • Extensive review & audit is required to ensure the total security and reliability of the network at every level

Point of Sale


  • Appia Launched (Dec. 19th 2019)

  • Kappture, a UK-based POS manufacturer, announces an exclusive integration of Nano into their ePOS systems and releases a white paper detailing the decision to only include Nano (June 2019)


Nano's zero-fee & ultrafast transactions provide vendors with huge cost savings over traditional value exchange solutions. Even in our early stage of deployment, Nano has seen an impressive wave of adoption validating the purpose of Nano as a global currency.

Nano's Core Team has been hard at work developing turn-key merchant point-of-sale solutions. A multi-focused approach targeting vendors of every level from mobile to brick-and-mortar will be uniquely catered to.


  • Point-of-Sale provides a gateway to drive increased adoption and acceptance among merchants & service providers globally

  • Partnering with businesses across the world to bring these solutions to our users will greatly increase Nano Currency's visibility to mainstream markets & consumers

  • A truly decentralized, "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) solution for instantaneous P2P Payments without transaction fees for the vendor or consumer


  • Point-of-Sale must integrate with current hardware and terminals on the market today

  • Nano must be accepted by vendors with every budget and need. Whether brick-and-mortar, mobile, or other unique use-cases - Nano must be the simplest choice

  • Nano POS software will be needed to make integrating Nano on any POS terminal simple

  • Standard and secure payment methods must be provided which integrate with todays POS & payment solutions (Hardware Wallets, Mobile Wallets)

Fiat On-Ramp


Fiat on-ramps are now available with base pairs including USD, EUR, GBP and more.

Continuing to seek out and add additional gateways to provide easy access to Nano for users across the globe.

Current exchanges can be found here


In order to become a truly global currency, obtaining and using Nano must be simple and secure for anyone worldwide

Directly transferring Nano between any currency is critical. Fiat on-ramps (exchanging USD, BRL, EUR, JPY, KRW, etc) must be simple and intuitive for users of any technical level

Nano will continually work with our growing network of partners, vendors, and community to drive this goal forward. Due to the nature of these negotiations, ongoing status of these efforts may be limited


  • Merchants will benefit from the ability to exchange Nano with any fiat currency instantly

  • Users will be less intimidated as the technical barriers are removed and anyone can easily begin using Nano

  • Due to Nano having zero transaction fees, exchange of value between any parties - regardless of transaction size - has the potential to open opportunities for worldwide commerce once it can be obtained by anyone in seconds


  • Fiat on-ramp options are currently limited and often only handle a single fiat currency

  • Legal and regulatory restrictions exist in some regions that must be considered

  • User experience must be held to the highest standard across the entire process. Every party must be held to the highest expectations & compliance.


Developer Documentation



Nano's developer mission is to enable anyone, anywhere to easily build on top of the Nano Currency.

Developers are already building solutions that highlight the many benefits Nano provides. In an effort to support these efforts, it is important that anyone interested in implementing Nano can do so quickly and reliably.

To that end, Nano's current goals focus on the following:

  • Simple, well-written developer documentation

  • Code examples, reference implementations and applications

  • Continuously maintained


  • More developers building on top of Nano

  • More merchants integrating Nano into their businesses


  • Documentation must be continually maintained as the protocol and RPC evolve

  • Documentation must be written in a way that makes each function easy to understand

  • Documentation should be made available in as many languages as possible

Integration Guides



Decentralized networks must include easy to follow guides in order to successfully integrate the technology. This includes both exchange and node integration, which will be detailed in-depth for best practices setup, and merchant integration to begin accepting Nano as a payment option.

Additionally, nodes should be optimized for ease of use. Users who wish to act as a voting representative will have easy to follow instructions on setting up, operating and maintaining their node.

Integrating with Nano should be quick, painless, and extremely reliable regardless of the users unique needs. Exchanges, merchants, and general users will be provided with solutions for their specific needs.


  • Exchange integration guides will make it easier than ever for exchanges to offer & support the Nano Currency

  • Nano will be able to be listed by an exchange by following the best practices guide for integration. The core team will offer support but it should move to a hands-off approach in the future.

  • Explore a new API similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum for easier exchange integration and maintenance


See the Upcoming Features page for more details on future node and protocol features.


Hardware Wallets


  • Ledger Nano S integration completed (6/11/18)

  • Jolt Hardware wallet development announced (5/31/18)

  • Ledger Nano S integration enters code review (04/22/18)


Hardware wallets offer users secure offline storage for their digital currencies.

The Nano Team is working with industry leaders to provide multiple hardware storage solutions to the community.


  • Hardware wallets provide the peace of mind and security consumers expect from their currency of choice

  • Investors can store hardware wallets in secure locations like safes and safety deposit boxes, offline, where they can be assured their funds are safe

  • Financial services, institutional investors, vendors, and consumers will all have a secure way to manage & store their funds


  • Solutions must be available to users of every technical level or needs

  • Inexpensive solutions must be made available so that users have a secure way of storing Nano regardless of their total balance

Desktop Wallets



As part of the effort to bring user-friendly, secure wallets to users, the Nano Core team is building a new desktop wallet experience. While all features may not be available at launch, plans include adding the following benefits over time.


  • "Bootstrap" process will be streamlined

  • Friendly user-experience for users of any level

  • A secure experience for sharing accounts across multiple devices

  • QR codes for quickly transferring Nano between accounts