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Nano Node and Protocol Documentation

Welcome! This documentation is focused on helping developers understand Nano, including setup, maintenance, and building on top of the Nano node. Details of how this documentation has been arranged are below:

Section Details Audience
What is Nano? Take a high-level tour - this is a great place to learn about how Nano is uniquely suited to being a global digital currency. Everyone
Running a Node Set up a Nano node to manage the ledger, create and publish blocks and participate in consensus. Node operators, developers
Integration Guides Learn practical concepts, structures and features for building wallets, payment systems and other services on the Nano network. Developers
Living Whitepaper Dive into the details of why Nano was created & how it's designed. Split into two sub-sections: Protocol Design & Node Implementation. Developers
Protocol Design Dig deeper into the design and behaviors driving the protocol, including the election process, peering mechanics and more. Developers
Node Implementation Details of the Nano Foundation managed node implementation of the protocol. Developers
Core Development Interested in contributing to the core Nano code or protocol? Here's how to get started. Developers
Commands Explore an exhaustive list of interaction methods for the node via RPC and CLI. Node operators, developers
Releases Review past node releases and get details about the features coming soon in new releases. Everyone
Glossary Commonly used terms throughout the documentation and Nano ecosystem. Everyone

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If you are looking for other details about Nano, links to wallets, discussions about the network and more, check out our community:

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