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V21.2 Release Available

The latest release is V21.2 which adds optimizations for the OpenCL work kernel and resolves issues interrupting node operation during certain network conditions. Upgrading to V21.2 is recommended for all node operators.

There are no special integration considerations or impacts with this release if upgrading from V21.0 or higher. If upgrading from V20.0 or lower, please review the V21.0 Release Notes for upgrade notices and other considerations.

Node Protocol Database Release Date Release Notes GitHub Links
21.2 18 18 2020-09-03 V21.2 Release - Milestone - Changelog
Known Issue V19+: macOS 'Too many open files'
  • Issue: The following error can be seen when attempting to run a full node on macOS using the built-in Qt wallet or other GUI-based wallets: "Exception while running wallet: open: Too many open files". This is due to macOS having a very low default file descriptor limit and V19.0 uses more of them after the move to TCP.

  • Solution: For now a workaround is needed to increase the limit. The method depends on the specific macOS version, but some people had success with the recipe in

Builds and Commands

OS Download link/command Verification
Universal Linux SHA256 Checksum
Debian SHA256 Checksum
macOS SHA256 Checksum
Windows (exe) SHA256 Checksum
Windows (zip) SHA256 Checksum
Docker docker pull nanocurrency/nano:V21.2 or docker pull nanocurrency/nano:latest
See Pulling the Docker Image for more details.
RHEL/CentOS rpm sudo rpm -iUvh
This installs nano_node and nano_rpc to /usr/bin.
SHA256 Checksum

Useful guide updates

We've been making many useful updates to the documentation here, especially around various guides for managing different aspects of the Nano node. Here are a few worth digging into:

Nano Forum available

The Nano Forum is available at as a resource to ask questions and get support when participating on the network. The Node and Representative Management category is a great place to ask node upgrade related questions.

Join our Technical Update Mailing List

Follow this link to sign up for email updates on the latest protocol/node releases and other technical details. This will include network upgrades such as the upcoming epoch distribution:
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