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Node Protocol Database Release Date Release Notes GitHub Links
21.3 18 18 2021-03-18 V21.3 Release - Milestone - Changelog
Known Issue V19+: 'Too many open files'
  • Issue: The following error, or a similar one, can be seen when attempting to run a full node on some versions of macOS, Linux and possibly other operating systems. This is most common when using the built-in Qt wallet or other GUI-based wallets: "Exception while running wallet: open: Too many open files" or other errors containing "Too many open files". This is due to some systems having a very low default file descriptor limit and V19.0+ uses more of them after the move to TCP.

  • Solution: Increasing the file limits is needed to resolve this. See this known issue for more details on resolution.

No special upgrade considerations

V21.3 is a service release which doesn't require any special upgrade considerations when upgrading from V21.0 or higher. If upgrading from V20.0 or lower, please review the V21.0 Release Notes for upgrade notices and other considerations.**