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Contributing to Nano

Running a Node

At the core of the Nano network are nodes that help manage and achieve consensus on changes to the ledger. With a variety of configuration options, nodes can be setup and tuned to participate in different processes on the network:

  • Non-voting nodes can be used to follow transactions and assist other nodes with bootstrapping
  • Representative nodes publish vote message which validates transactions on the network
  • Principal representatives are representatives who have sufficient vote weight so the network rebroadcasts their votes to other nodes

Head over to the Running a Node section to find out more about the different node setups.

Building tools and services

If you're a developer and want to build using Nano you've come to the right place. Learn how Running a Node works. If you have already started running a node, head on over to the Integration Guides for some great examples that will help you in your journey. There are tons of great projects built on top of Nano: tipbots, wallets, payment processors, pay walls, payment activated hardware installations and so much more - show off what you can build!

Helping out further

If you have an interest in helping the network or community in other capacities, please don't hesitate to reach out. Below are links to our website and community.

Contributing to the code

If you are interested in helping develop the C++ based Nano node we will help you out! Check out our details on contributing code to the Nano node to get started.