IDStatusStatus Notes# Test ResultsCategoryNameDetailsDocsGitHub
RD1OpenMemory issues noted, more testing desired2RocksDBGeneral RocksDB setup/runFollow details on the PR to setup and run RocksDB, keeping an eye on disk IO and other metrics during normal usage and heavy spam.
VG1Closed2Vote GeneratorVerify low TPS vote packingAt low TPS, measure the rates of votes being packed together to validate improvements from previous versions. Configuration documentation contains additional details.
CA1OpenAdditional analysis and data points desired1CachingGap cache size increased and cache for votes on missing blocks added, this should allow lower traffic and faster recovery for nodes that fallback on bootstrapping. Under heavy load, for nodes that become saturated and fallback to bootstrapping, watch cache sizes to see at what point they become full and see rate of websocket confirmations with 0 duration (instantly confirmed from cache).
CH1Delayed0Confirmation HeightPrioritize node wallet frontiers
CH2OpenNeed "automatic" verified2Confirmation HeightTest different frontier confirmation modesA new config option node.frontiers_confirmation {"always", "automatic", "disabled"} was added, default "automatic". Test that all modes work as intended after an initial bootstrap
NW1Closed2Node WalletProcess wallet blocks outside of block processor queueVerify that RPC send/receive no longer take some time to return, even under heavy load.
DO1OpenNeeds testing notes0DockerUpdate entry scriptTest out all CLI commands as needed within Docker setup. Test different run commands according to docs.
WW1Closed2Work WatcherUse the new RPC publish work watching functionalityVerify rework is properly handled when using RPC process. It should happen by default, and not happen when optional "watch_work" is false
WW2Closed1Work WatcherValidate work watcher periodUpdate work watcher period to be more or less than 5s and see if rework is triggered in that time period. The specific period might be slightly inconsistent until PR #2228 is merged.
TO1OpenMore config testing needed0TOML ConfigTest all config entriesSee TOML Config tab. Use CLI option --generate_config node|rpc
RPC1Closed1RPCMultiplier option in RPC work_generate and work_validateThe new optional "multiplier" should override difficulty if given, and should be a multiplier off the reduced difficulty of beta. work_generate should respect config option max_work_generate_multiplier.
RPC2Closed1RPCnode_ is used to identify peersVerify that all peer-related RPCs now use the prefix node_ rather than nano_
AD1Closed2Active DifficultyStability of active_difficultyElections that complete within a few seconds no longer count towards active_difficulty. If the node is not saturated, verify that active_difficulty stays at 1.0 or very close. During saturation, verify that it does not have extreme values. Use option "include_trend" to aid in testing.
UD1OpenNeeds testing0PeeringStuck UDP connectionsSome peer connections appear to be switching from TCP to UDP during/after spam events and then won't reset back to TCP without full node restarts. Please keep an eye on peer counts for both TCP and UDP before and after spam to see if it recurs with DB15+. Command for checking counts: echo "TCP $(curl -sd '{"action": "peers", "peer_details":"true"}' [::1]:55000 | grep "\"type\": \"tcp\"" | wc -l) || UDP $(curl -sd '{"action": "peers", "peer_details":"true"}' [::1]:55000 | grep "\"type\": \"udp\"" | wc -l)"