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EM1Open0Election ManagementExpected stats from adding passive elections
Capture stats, namely tcp_write_drop, confirm_ack, confirm_req, and active_transactions drop/active/passive . Evaluate if observed stats match expectations.
Open0Election Management
PoW prioritization from adding passive elections
With better election management, PoW prioritization should be more consistent: almost no low difficulty blocks should be getting confirmed until the end of the test, and sending a very high difficulty block (landing in the top 50 blocks, so around 32 times higher than active_difficulty) should quickly get a confirmation
AD1Open0Active DifficultyActive difficulty under saturationActive difficulty has changed to sample the 10th percentile every 500ms (previously median). Default active elections size has changed to 2000 from 10000, meaning under the same saturation test there will be more high difficulty elections in the container, and active_difficulty should be higher (sampling the 1800th element where it was the 5000th before). Ensure that active difficulty evolves smoothly (no spikes)