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Upcoming Features

Below are the more notable features the protocol development team is considering for implementation. In addition to these items there are always other updates, optimizations and new features added in. We encourage participation on GitHub for anyone capable of contributing to the code base.

Changes made to this document are tracked at the bottom in the Recent changes section.

Status Details
In Progress In active development to be included in upcoming releases
Planned Planned for development with known scope/solution
Researching Under research to identify scope and potential development plans

In Progress

Dual-phase voting
Release V20 (Targeted)
Goal Use a dual-phased voting approach: first is a negotiation phase to gather network consensus, and then second is issuing a final, durable vote that cannot be re-negotiated.
Benefits Blocks cemented after durable vote and allowing durable vote snapshots.
Durable vote snapshots
Release V20 (Targeted)
Goal Provide methods for export and importing snapshots of durable votes between nodes.
Benefits Easier bootstrap verification through dependence on durable votes plus frontier elections only.
Move wallet out of process
Release V20 (Targeted)
Goal Remove wallet operations out of node process.
Benefits Reduced node attack surface.


Protobuf based RPCs
Release V21 (Targeted)
Goal Add support for protocol buffer based RPCs.
Benefits Faster performance on RPC calls and support for non-JSON RPCs. Easier integrations.
RPC 2.0
Release V21 (Targeted)
Goal Refactor RPC implementation while removing unnecessary and adding new, more useful endpoints.
Benefits Better RPC performance, more consistent input and output handling and expanded functionality.
Node Telemetry
Release V21 (Targeted)
Goal Provide methods for nodes to report block height, bandwidth caps, version numbers, node vendor versions and more.
Benefits Better monitoring of network status and upgrades progress.
Ledger pruning
Release V21 (Targeted)
Goal Allow optional pruning of ledger blocks down to frontier, frontier predecessor and pending blocks.
Benefits Reduce ledger size on disk and lower requirements for nodes joining the network.
Links GitHub Issue #1094


Alternative PoW algorithm
Release TBD
Goal Update Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm to be more memory bound, likely Cuckoo variant.
Benefits Increase cost of spam attacks.
Links N/A
QUIC protocol
Release V22+
Goal Determine if QUIC protocol is a viable alternative to UDP and TCP for live network activity
Benefits More efficient traffic handling for live network.
Links N/A
Network overlay (DHT-based)
Release V22+
Goal Provide a structured network overlay of nodes on the network through a distributed hash table.
Benefits Decreased connection count for nodes, better Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) protection and reduced network bandwidth.
Links N/A
Local account priority bootstrapping
Release TBD
Goal Allow bootstrapping of local accounts first.
Benefits Nodes can send/receive Nano before fully synced.
Links GitHub Issue #1731



TCP network overlay

Release V19 Solidus
Goal Provide support for live traffic over TCP, keeping UDP as a fallback mechanism.
Benefits Decrease amount of traffic and connections nodes need to maintain and reduce resource usage and increase higher peak TPS capabilities
Links GitHub PR #1962 - V19 Solidus Feature Analysis (Medium)

Confirmation Height

Release V19 Solidus
Goal Track height of confirmed blocks per account and confirm dependent elections based on this height.
Benefits Provide simpler block confirmation procedures, reduce network voting and confirmation traffic, and provide easier implementation of various future features.
Links GitHub PR #1770 - Looking up to Confirmation Height (Medium) - V19 Solidus Feature Analysis (Medium)

Dynamic Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Prioritization

Release V19 Solidus
Goal Capture work difficulty levels on the network and adjust wallet work generation dynamically when delays in confirmation for locally published blocks are experienced. Also include dropping of active transactions failing to confirm quickly.
Benefits Reduce impacts to regular users during spam attacks and increase cost of spam attacks.
Links GitHub PR #1990 - GitHub PR #1858 - V19 Solidus Feature Analysis (Medium)

Out of node process RPC

Release V19 Solidus
Goal Remove RPC operations out of node process.
Benefits Reduced node attack surface as signing keys no longer in the same memory space as network and ledger code.
Links GitHub PR #1857 - V19 Solidus Feature Analysis (Medium)

Bandwidth throttling

Release V19 Solidus
Goal Provide configuration options for nodes to limit bandwidth resource usage.
Benefits More control over resource consumption for node operators and to provide a metric for analyzing more objectively the TPS capabilities of the network.
Links N/A

Recent Page Updates


  • Moved Local account priority bootstrapping item into Research section with unknown feature target. Updates related to this are targeted for V20: better prioritization of bootstrap accounts using a pre-calculated list of high depth accounts packaged with the node release
Other past changes


  • Moved V19 items into new Completed section
  • Moved targeted V20 items into In Progress section


  • Confirmed-only bootstrapping removed from list - the complexity and effort level of this feature for the provided benefits didn't align to implement on its own at this time. Situations that may warrant such a change, including long strings of forked blocks, will be monitored on the network and if seen, this feature will be reevaluated for inclusion in the future.


  • Protobuf based RPCs target moved from V20 to V21
  • RPC 2.0 target moved from V20 to V21